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What We Do


Parker Green specialise in the design, development, delivery and management of award winning commercial, retail, office and residential properties as part of our own investment portfolio and on behalf of others. Our full service approach incorporates all aspects of the development process under one roof—from land purchase and financing, to design, planning, construction, and fit-out; followed by comprehensive property management, and operational support.

“as part of our own investment portfolio and on behalf of others”

With over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering innovative developments for a wide range of clients and industry requirements, we understand the unique vision and objectives of each individual client and work with them to implement their strategies in a variety of markets and property types.

Property & Facilities Management

Operating via our sister company, GBR Estates Management, our Property & Facilities Management team is responsible for the ongoing operations and management of our buildings and clients across the UK & Ireland.

This involves not just repairs and on-going maintenance, but also investments to improve and upgrade our properties, including landscaping, infrastructure, and building management systems, to ensure long-term performance and return on the investment. Our team are experienced in working with a range of operators across the public, private and voluntary sector, and recognise the need to appreciate the unique requirements of each individual user.

“clients come first”

Our approach to Property Management is underlined by the belief that our most important assets are the 150+ clients that utilise our spaces. The Property Management team is responsible for making sure that our clients and their employees are satisfied and comfortable in our properties, allowing them to focus on their core business.


With over 20 years’ experience developing and investing, for and with, a wide range of partners across an array of industries, we are uniquely placed to share our professional skills and knowledge with investors, institutions and businesses with a requirement for property development and investment management, and delivery skills.

“Surveying, architecture, town-planning, commercial, construction, legal -we’ve got it all”

Our multi-disciplinary and team of chartered professionals are readily available to assist, advise and implement any property development, investment and management projects on your behalf or in partnership with you. Contact our Commercial team to discuss your opportunities and to identify the synergies that may exist to combine our team with yours.